September 19, 2005

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Michael Terrazas, Editor

Eric Rangus, Senior Editor

Katherine Baust, Staff Writer

Christi Gray, Designer

Jon Rou, Photography Director

Diya Chaudhuri,
Editorial Assistant


The seventh annual “Telling Our Stories” event, held Tuesday, Sept. 13 in the Miller-Ward Alumni House, featured Frances Smith Foster (left), Charles Howard Candler Professor of English and Women’s Studies, and Martha Fineman, Robert W. Woodruff Professor of Law. Both detailed the struggles of their early careers as women in the academy and how those struggles made them stronger as time went on. Foster, for instance, was told in eighth grade that, if she worked hard, she might become a secretary in some college’s English department. She now chairs Emory’s.


Pioneering career women tell life stories

It was a celebration of two women, a conversation between two pioneers, a dialogue that crossed racial boundaries, an understanding between two mothers, an impromptu chat between two professors who laughed about having gone to see Menopause: The Musical together.

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