Emory Report
September 26, 2005
Volume 58, Number 5



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September 26 , 2005
Planning Process

The 18-month comprehensive strategic planning process began in March 2004. Building on the community-wide effort that created Emory’s vision statement in 2003–04, the process included development of school and academic, research and operating unit plans. Emory is built upon the success of its schools and units; the University-wide goals, strategic themes and initiatives were developed to tie together the unit-based plans in ways that will create greater impact and differentiate Emory.

The process was explicitly designed to build on existing strengths and opportunities by integrating a bottom-up process, originating from the faculty and schools, with a top-down process involving University leadership. Throughout the 18 months, mechanisms were set up to gain broad input from the community. The general principles, specific goals and ambitions set forth in the plan will provide a framework that is both flexible and durable, and will allow Emory to guide its path over the next five to 10 years.