Emory Report
April 24, 2006
Volume 58, Number 28


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April 24 , 2006
LGBT commission holds final 2005-06 meeting

BY Christi gray

The President’s Commission on LGBT Concerns held its last meeting of the academic year on April 18 in
400 Administration.

After introductions of new members, University Secretary Rosemary Magee addressed the commission by giving a brief history of her time at Emory and her new role as secretary. She said her 29 years on campus, all but one of them in Emory College, have given her the opportunity to experience many perspectives.
“I have seen the University open up in so many ways,” she said.

Magee then discussed the search for a senior vice provost for diversity and community development (see CDO story). “We don’t want the new provost to become immediately marginalized,” Magee said. “We want the person to be interacting with all aspects of the University.”

One LGBT member asked about the time line for hiring, and Magee said the firm of Spencer Stuart has been chosen to help with the search process. With information gathered at an April 19 public meeting and through other sources, a job description will be created and potential candidates will be evaluated over the summer. Magee said interviews should start in September.

Next, Office of LGBT Life Director Saralyn Chesnut reported on an event the commission will host this Thursday, April 27, at 5:30 p.m. in the Dobbs Center’s Faculty Dining Room. The event will focus on an initiative to create a transgender-inclusive environment at Emory. After a year of research, the commission has formulated a plan for the initiative, which will be available at the meeting.

Parvin and co-chair-elect Andy Wilson discussed a bylaw change to amend the leadership structure of the commission. This year the commission moved from a chair and a chair-elect to two co-chairs and two co-chairs elect. This reduced the responsibilities of the immediate past chair, who was previously in charge of membership. This duty was passed to the co-chairs-elect, giving them an opportunity to get to know commission members. Immediate past co-chairs remain in an ex-officio role.

“At a time when the commission is really trying to grow in both visibility and effectiveness, we think the new structure will distribute responsibility more efficiently,” Parvin said. “It will also give our new co-chairs-elect the chance to really interact with commission members and better prepare them for the leadership role.”

The commission then accepted nominations for treasurer, secretary and co-chairs-elect, for elections that were to be held at a commission retreat on April 21 at Oxford College.

Finally, Chair Paul Towne thanked the commission for a successful year and proceeded to pass the symbolic tiara and hardhat to Parvin and Wilson, a ceremonial handing over of power.

If you have a question or concern for LGBT, e-mail co-chairs Paige Parvin (pparvin@publications.emory.edu) or Andy Wilson (andy.wilson@emory.edu).