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August 28, 2006
Volume 59, Number 1


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August 28, 2006
There's a new face around campus, Cliff

BY david payne

There’s a new driver on the road – he’s friendly, he’s reliable, he’s hip to the environmental scene, and he’s always ready to GO… Cliff is finally here!

Cliff, the newly expanded and rebranded Emory shuttle, is named for the Clifton community where Emory is located. Cliff is sporting revamped routes and transit times to encourage Emory drivers to leave their cars at home. Cliff is a free, convenient transit option that is available for anyone to use. (For shuttle routes and schedules, visit www.ridecliff.org.)

As the largest employer in DeKalb County, Emory’s impact on improving the quality of life in the Clifton community is substantial. The shuttle will support the University’s sustainability efforts and reduce the overall number of cars that are driven on and around campus.

“A key goal for Emory is to increase the sustainability of our campus and our community. We are making significant investments in transportation alternatives that will reduce the number of single occupancy vehicles near Emory,” said Mike Mandl, executive vice president for finance and administration.

Based on input from the Emory community, all campus routes have been modified and schedules revised. With the success of the North DeKalb Mall Park-n-Ride, the service is being added at Northlake Mall with plans for additional future locations.

“We are working hard with our Clifton community partners to get people out of their single occupancy vehicles, and Cliff is a very important part of that effort,” added Laura Ray, associate vice president for transportation and parking. “All of our transportation programs provide inexpensive, convenient choices for Emory.”

Emory’s existing transportation programs include vanpool, carpool, bicycle/walk, Flexcar, guaranteed ride home and transit subsidy programs. For more information, visit www.epcs.emory.edu/alttransp/index.html.