January 23, 2006

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Jim Wallis, who helped found the Sojourners Christian ministry and edits Sojourners magazine, said in his King Week address that he's met many people turned off by the rhetoric of the so-called "religious right" but also left wanting by progressives who appear to reject faith. Faith and religious leaders have been at the center of all the major social movements of the past century, he said, helping bring about change that once seemed unimaginable. "Faith is for the big stuff—the things we think can't be changed," he said. "It is faith that makes the impossible into the inevitable."


Wallis calls for 'new dialogue' on faith

As it celebrates the 77th anniversary of the birth of Martin Luther King Jr., the nation desperately needs a new national dialogue on the role of faith in the public sphere and the true meaning of moral values, said writer, minister and activist Jim Wallis to a packed Glenn Auditorium on
Tuesday, Jan. 7.

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