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June 12, 2006
Volume 58, Number 32


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June 12 , 2006
Employee Distinction throughout the year

katherine hinson is director of communications for human resources.

Every year Emory recognizes 10–15 University employees who through their initiative, innovation or leadership have made outstanding contributions to the Emory community. This year 12 such individuals—Gordon Boice, Kim Braxton, Debbie Cowan, Donna Crabb, Cheryl Elliott, Ellen Canup Hale, Marty Ike, Tim Lawson, WeiMing Lu, Steven Marzec, Neville Whitehead and Donna Wong—were celebrated at the 2006 Awards of Distinction ceremony, held March 29 at Miller-Ward Alumni House.

In recognition of their accomplishments, each recipient will be highlighted over the next several months in the Emory Report HR column. This month features Debbie Cowan and Donna Crabb.

Debbie Cowan, administrative assistant, Hoke O’Kelley Library, Oxford College
During her 13-year tenure, Cowan has provided excellent support to the nine library staff members and the associate dean of library services. Flexibility and a willingness to do whatever it takes to get the job done—and done well—describes Cowan’s approach to her work, her nominators said. Challenges only lead her to find new and innovative ways to find solutions.

Cowan consistently looks for increased efficiencies and ways to decrease costs for the library. By making significant contributions through her knowledge, research assistance and personal interactions with everyone she meets, she has increased customer satisfaction for students, employees, visitors and alumni.

Recently, her contributions to Emory’s strategic planning process were lauded by Kent Linville, dean for academic affairs and co-director of Oxford’s strategic planning. “Debbie worked tirelessly behind the scenes as well as [tended] to the myriad of administrative tasks,” Linville said. “Debbie is always a helpful and friendly presence at our meetings.”

When Kitty McNeill, associate dean of library services, talked about Cowan, she recalled a quote from Eileen de los Reyes. “[Debbie is a] creator of pockets of hope… [those] protective, loving and caring places where students can live in their world and dream about a healthy and humane future,” McNeill said.

Donna Crabb, manager, Emory Temporary Services, Human Resources
Who do you call when you need help, even if it is only temporary? After working in many areas of Human Resources, Crabb realized that there was a need to place temporary staffing without depending on the services of outsourcing agencies.

Rising through the ranks of Emory over the last 15 years with hard work and dedication, Crabb is an inspiration not only for those seeking employment with Emory but also to those, for whom she provides temporary staffing.

She is the “go to” person across campus when a department is looking for talented candidates. Her commitment to customer service is well known; surveys of her program’s efforts continually show high levels of customer satisfaction.

According to Tom Fitch, director of employment services, Crabb “has exemplified the vision of the University by making Emory Temporary Services a destination employment center for Atlanta’s diverse community, positively transforming the lives of hundreds and ethically engaging individuals committed to Emory’s mission.”

It is not too early to start nominating someone for the 2007 Awards of Distinction. For more Information visit HR website (http://emory.hr.emory.edu/) under “Workplace Resources.”