March 27, 2006

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Michael Terrazas, Editor

Alfred Charles, Senior Editor

Christi Gray, Designer

Jon Rou, Photography Director

Robyn Mohr, Intern

Diya Chaudhuri, Editorial Assistant

Jessica Gearing, Editorial Assistant


Get ready to see a lot more shuttles like these next year, not only moving around Emory’s campus but ferrying people through surrounding Atlanta neighborhoods. Emory is ramping up its shuttle service in a big way, going from eight to 17 regular routes, replacing the current bus shelters with technologically enhanced constructions that reflect the University’s architectural look, and establishing Park & Ride lots around the city. All together, the project reflects Emory’s commitment to removing cars from the Clifton Corridor to reduce traffic and improve quality of life for the University and its neighbors.


Building a better, cleaner way
to travel

By Sept. 1, the University’s shuttle service will have undergone perhaps the largest overhaul in its history, more than doubling the number of routes, adding buses, and filling those buses with gizmos to keep riders entertained as they move about smoothly within—and beyond—the campus borders.

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