Emory Report
My 30, 2006
Volume 58, Number 31


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May 30 , 2006
Mentor Bright awarded for years of wisdom

“Senior faculty do and should provide guidance to students and other faculty, not just by teaching but also by doing whatever they can to make the academy run better and ensure that the academy has a functioning roll in the community,” said David Bright, professor of classics and the 2006 recipient of George P. Cuttino Award for Excellence in Mentoring.

Bright, who is retiring next year, came to Emory in 1991 as vice president for arts and sciences and dean of Emory College and served as chair of the Department of Classics until 2005. Although he held roles in administration he never failed to continue teaching, leading a freshman seminar every year since he’s been here. “I tell students to think of me as a resource,“ Bright said. “I’ve stayed in touch with many students, some
only having taken one class from me.”

“I’m so gratified and touched about receiving this award and the values it represents, which are based on my own views,” he said. “Faculty are in a position to make a difference in areas they may not even know differences are being made.”