Emory Report
My 30, 2006
Volume 58, Number 31


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May 30 , 2006
Retiring Employees

The following individuals are retiring members of the faculty, administration and staff. Date indicates year of initial employment at the University.

Faculty and Administrators
Lee Alderman, Environmental Health and Safety (1993)
Roberta Bondi, Theology (1978)
John Bonner, Rehabilitation Medicine (1967)
Pamela Catlin, Physics (1974)
Robert Chen, Physics (1964)
Patricia Douglass, Assistant Vice President, HR (1982)
Daniel Gallina, Endocrinology (1985)
June Garber, Rehabilitation Medicine (1980)
Alfred Grindon, Pathology (1977)
Charles (Ted) Hackett, Theology (1972)
John Herbert, Psychiatrist, University Health Services (2001)
Rodney Hunter, Theology (1971)
Helen Jenkins, University Food Service Liaison (1945)
Joseph Kinkade Jr., Biochemistry (1970)
Jeffrey Lichtman, Radiology (1978)
Ming-Chang Lin, Chemistry (1988)
Edward Livingston Jr., Dentistry (1982)
Walter Lowe, Theology (1971)
Janet Lutz, Director, Nursing Staff Support Services (1990)
Stephen Margolis, Health and Policy Management (1994)
Johnnie Morgan, Rehabilitation Medicine (1974)
Douglas Murray, Surgery Oncology (1969)
Charles Nicolaysen, Director of Academic Services (1974)
Eric Nitschke, University Libraries (1972)
Ruth Pagell, University Libraries (1994)
Clark Poling, Art History (1973)
John Pooler, Physiology (1969)
Oliver Puckett Jr., Physics (1962)
Rachel Schonberger, Family and Preventive Medicine (1976)
Edwin Douglas Shires, Pathology (1987)
Euclid “Neal” Smith, Anthropology (1974)
Perry Sprawls, Radiology (1960)
Yung-Fong Sung, Anesthesiology (1971)
JoNell Adair Usher, Assistant Dean, Public Health (1984)
David Vroon, Pathology (1972)
Margaret Elaine Wagner, University Libraries (1975)
Yi-Chong Wang, Psychiatry (1987)
William Seth Weintraub, Cardiology (1986)
Yi-Yi Yu, Microbiology and Immunology (1990)
Jacqueline Zalumas, Family and Preventive Medicine (1995)

(Twenty-five or more years of service)
Charles Cherry, Operational Services (1968)
Beverlyn Leverett Cooper, University Libraries (1979)
Larry Darnell Finch, Animal Resources (1970)
Yvonne Flowers, Association of Emory Alumni (1980)
Judith Gore, Biology (1973)
Marianne Hitchcock, Heart Center Information Services (1977)
Sherrill King, Association of Emory Alumni (1980)
Elizabeth McDonough, Dermatology (1975)
Patricia Moore, Winship Cancer Institute (1978)
Sara Anderson Moses, Network Communications (1976)
Jodie Ringer, Facilities Management (1972)
Mark Roberts, Parking and Community Services (1964)
Eleanor Floyd Scarborough, Oxford College (1972)
Willie Warbington, Operations and Maintenance (1978)