May 8, 2006

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Michael Terrazas, Editor

Christi Gray, Designer

Bryan Meltz,
Photography Director,

Robyn Mohr, Intern

Diya Chaudhuri, Editorial Assistant

Jessica Gearing, Editorial Assistant


There’s little evidence of the parking lot that used to occupy the space next to the Dobbs Center, as the site is being prepared for a new residence hall—the first installment of a planned “freshman village” for the University’s first-year students. In the background, the nearest of several cranes rises above the under-construction School of Medicine Administration and Education Building. These two projects in the heart of campus (both due for completion in summer 2007) are two of Emory’s higher profile capital projects this summer, but the total list is closer to 20, both large and small.


SOM building, freshman dorm
top summer projects

A healthy slate of nearly 20 capital projects is on the Campus Planning docket for summer 2006, but a small group of perhaps five will make themselves felt much more than others for faculty and staff working on campus.

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