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Oct. 16, 2006
Volume 59, Number 7


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Oct. 16, 2006
President's Commissions

President’s Commission on LGBT Concerns
Co-Chairs Paige Parvin and Andy Wilson opened the first meeting of 2006–07 of the President’s Commission on Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender Concerns (PCLGBTC) on Sept. 19.

Wilson and Parvin presented updates on recommendations that the commission has made to the University community to make Emory a transgender-inclusive environment.

The commission discussed a recent feature in The Advocate College Guide for LGBT Students, which listed the “Best of the Best Top 20 Campuses” for LGBT leaders in higher education. The commission discussed how the University can better serve the LGBT community on campus. Ratings were based on a variety of issues and services, such as having an active LGBT alumni group.

Among the action items for the group’s next meeting is to identify a topic for a brown-bag lunch program, a joint effort with the other commissions and councils.

President’s Commission on the Status of Women
The President’s Commission on the Status of Women (PCSW) held its first meeting of the academic year on Sept. 20.

Nadine Kaslow, chair of the commission, opened the meeting with official business by initiating a vote for changes in the bylaws. Kaslow said these changes would be codifying procedures that the commission has been following for years.

The commission then discussed leadership at Emory, including the differences between male and female leadership styles as well as possible ways to enhance female leadership at the University.

Next, President Jim Wagner addressed the commission saying that Emory needs to move forward and be on the leading edge of women’s issues.

Take Back the Night and budget allocations are among the items on the agenda for PCSW’s upcoming meeting.

Presiden’s Commission on Race and Ethnicity
The President’s Commission on Race and Ethnicity (PCORE) met Sept. 14 to “look for ways to be more proactive instead of reactive” this year, according to Alex Escobar, PCORE chair-elect.

The group also discussed ways to implement some of its initiatives. Among them was sponsoring multicultural music or dance performances this spring that will bring together student groups with different ethnic backgrounds.

The performance initiative will be investigated more deeply at PCORE’s next meeting, which will feature presentations by Mike Li from China and Nagib Haque from Bangladesh.

October Meetings
• PCLGBTC, Oct. 17, 5:15–7 p.m., Jones Room*
• PCSW, Oct. 19, 3:30–5 p.m., Jones Room*
• PCORE, Oct. 26, 3:30–5 p.m., 400 Admin. Bldg.

*320 Woodruff Library