Emory Report
October 30, 2006
Volume 59, Number 9

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October 30, 2006
University Councils

by Staff

Faculty Council
During the Oct. 17 Faculty Council Meeting, Executive Vice President Mike Mandl discussed the logistics of the University’s upcoming construction projects and shared plans to mitigate the impact of noise pollution, reduced accessibility and the continued presence of large machinery on campus. Provost Earl Lewis reported on the implications of the “Year of the Faculty” initiative, mentioning that one early task will be to agree on a definition of the word “faculty.” Carol Newsom gave a presentation about plans for the University’s strategic initiative on Religion and the Common Good. The council ended the meeting with a discussion of the University’s marketing initiative, continued from the Sept. 19 meeting.

Employee Council
The Emory Employee Council elected Iruka Ndubuizu president-elect at its last meeting on Oct. 18. Ndubuizu, who was serving as secretary, will move immediately into her new role. She takes over as president-elect from Linda Sheldon, who moves into the president’s position, filling a vacancy.

The council voted to move Jackie Culliton from her post as secretary-elect to secretary, leaving the post of secretary-elect open. The council is accepting nominations for secretary-elect. Theresa Millazzo, associate vice president, human resources, presented highlights of the new benefits package to the council. The meeting adjourned after brief committee meetings.

University Senate
Fringe Benefits Committee Chair Sid Stein opened the last meeting of the Emory University Senate, held Oct. 24, with an update on benefits packages for University employees. The Senate then approved changes to the rosters for several committees, and discussed the University’s strategic initiative on internationalization, led by Tom Robertson of the business school. Senior Vice President and Dean for Campus Life John Ford was joined by Administrative Fellow for Emory Healthcare Louis Simmons to discuss the “Save a Life” partnership program between Emory and the American Red Cross. Later, Peter Barnes, vice president for human resources and Rosemary Magee, University vice president and secretary, explored the University’s Work-Life initiative.

November Meetings
• Faculty Council, Nov. 21, 3:15–5 p.m., 400 Admin. Bldg.

• Employee Council, Nov. 15, Noon–2 p.m., Jones Room*

• University Senate, Nov. 28, 3:15–5 p.m., Jones Room*

*320 Woodruff Library