Sept. 5, 2006

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Nancy Seideman,
Acting Editor

Kim Urquhart, Senior Editor

Christi Gray, Designer

Bryan Meltz,
Photography Director

Diya Chaudhuri,
Editorial Assistant


Cassie Walsh from Palm City, Fla., and Jena Lamoresaux from Sugar Land, Texas, meet another new face on campus, Cliff. The smiling mascot made an appearance at freshman orientation to promote Clifton community’s newly expanded shuttle service.


Gifts, grace, gratitude greet class of 2010

From the beaker of chemicals that turned from gold to blue in synch with Emory’s alma mater to the snapping fingers of an audience united into a jazz band, there was plenty of chemistry in Glenn Auditorium at freshman Convocation. On Tuesday, Aug. 29, Emory welcomed the Class of 2010—its largest ever—with a mix of scholarly tradition and audience participation.

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