Emory Report
April 16, 2007
Volume 59, Number 27

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April 16, 2007
Newman appointed chief marketing officer to coordinate brand, advertising

by ron sauder

Emory University and Emory Healthcare have announced plans to coordinate their marketing operations across the Emory enterprise under the leadership of marketing executive Una Hutton Newman.

Newman will be the first-ever chief marketing officer for all of Emory, with the charge of coordinating brand management and advertising for both the University and its clinical arm. In addition to her existing marketing staff which she will continue to lead as senior director of marketing for Emory Healthcare, Newman will head a marketing department of seven persons in the University’s Office of Communications. She will hold the University title of senior associate vice president of communications for marketing strategies.

“It is increasingly obvious that Emory is perceived by the general public as one entity with one brand name that needs careful cultivation,” said President Jim Wagner. “Una Newman is ideally suited by her experience and knowledge of Emory to pull together our marketing strategies in Atlanta, in Georgia and in the nation at large so that we may achieve maximum efficiencies and impact from all institutional dollars for marketing – regardless of their source.”

Newman’s charge in particular will focus on controlling and managing all advertising dollars for Emory University and Emory Healthcare, the largest and most comprehensive health care system in Georgia, to achieve maximum efficiency and impact by coordinating messages and placements.

Major areas of focus for the Emory University marketing program will be promoting the objectives of undergraduate admissions and financial aid; providing counsel to the comprehensive campaign; and promoting the University’s strategic initiatives, reinforcing awareness of Emory University as a national and international destination for students, faculty and patients.

Under her leadership, the marketing offices will also continue to develop positioning strategies for employee and faculty recruitment, working with human resources in both the University and health care system to align employment branding with overall Emory strategy.

Prior to joining Emory, Newman served as vice president for planning and marketing for the Southern Regional Health System in Atlanta. Before that, she was a regional marketing director for Charter Medical Corp. with responsibilities for hospital marketing results throughout the United States. She is active in the community and serves as president of the board of directors of the Atlanta American Heart Association.

“I look forward to communicating the impressive offerings of Emory, both as a university and an academic health center, to our varied publics at large,” said Newman. “It is with great pride that I step into this new role in an institution that continues to mean so much to me, both personally and professionally.”

Newman is a four-year member of the Emory Parent Council. Two of her children have graduated from Emory College and one is currently enrolled. Danielle (Class of 2004) is a member of the alumni board serving as event coordinator in New York City and Carly (Class of 2006) is president of the San Francisco alumni association. Craig (Class of 2008) is premed and majoring in film studies. Her husband Mark Newman is an Atlanta attorney with Troutman Sanders.

A graduate of the University of Florida, Newman holds an M.A. in psychology from Michigan State University and an MBA from Florida International University.