Emory Report
April 23, 2007
Volume 59, Number 28

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April 23, 2007
John Notarantonio: The man behind Destination Emory

by David Payne

John Notarantonio, a data warehouse administrator with Emory’s Division of Academic and Administrative Information Technology, makes the 45-minute commute from Marietta to his office in the North Decatur Building via carpool with two coworkers.

This interest in alternative transportation led him to explore software available through Emory that had the potential to connect people looking for alternative ways to get to work. He began using information tools that Emory already had and applied them to the carpool program now known as Destination Emory.

“I worked on this last summer and fall when Emory was highlighting its expanded shuttles, vanpools and carpools. I wanted to make it easier for people who may be interested in carpooling, but who didn’t know where to start,” he said. “Destination Emory makes it very easy to take that first step and find people who live near you and work nearby on campus.”

“It’s been fun to work on, and the software didn’t cost Emory more than $80,” he added.

Carpooling also has a profitable bottom line, said Notarantonio, who saves gas money by driving only one day each week. When he does drive, he receives a gas credit through the Clean Air Campaign for his carpool, and with less travel to work, his car insurance dropped $160 a year.

Notarantonio receives a free carpool parking pass (savings: $600 per year) and has a reserved spot near his building. The Clean Air Campaign also chipped in $180 to support his first year of carpooling. “All told, I saved over $1,000 last year by carpooling,” he said.

For more information, visit at www.destination.emory.edu/.