Emory Report
August 6, 2007
Volume 59, Number 36

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August 6, 2007
Emory Healthcare donates medical supplies to Nigeria through MedShare International

By kim urquhart

For 10 years, Emory Healthcare has shared a strong partnership with MedShare International, a nonprofit organization that collects and redistributes surplus medical supplies and equipment for use by health care institutions in economically developing countries.

Motivated by commitments to improving health care, conserving the environment and helping the global community, Emory Healthcare has bolstered its support this year of MedShare International. Employees chose the West African nation of Nigeria as the recipient of a 40-foot container shipment of donated medical supplies from Emory Healthcare.

Since March, nearly 30 bright blue MedShare barrels located throughout the Emory Healthcare community have collected more than 32,000 pounds of medical supplies such as gauze, gloves, gowns and sutures. Emory Healthcare departments and sections also have donated specialized equipment, including a rehabilitation therapy whirlpool tub. Employees logged more than 200 volunteer hours at MedShare’s headquarters in Decatur, sorting and repackaging nearly 6,000 pounds of supplies.

To celebrate the sponsorship and the contributions made by employees, Emory Healthcare hosted ceremonies on July 24 and July 26 at Emory University Hospital and Emory Crawford Long Hospital. Employees presented a $15,500 check to MedShare International and signed banners to travel with the shipment — a container filled with more than $150,000 worth of life-saving supplies and equipment — to the Women’s Maternal Morbidity Reduction Project in Nigeria. A representative for the consulate general of Nigeria attended the celebration, which featured traditional West African entertainment from the Djeliba Drum Ensemble.