Emory Report
February 12, 2007
Volume 59, Number 19


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February 12, 2007

President's Commissions

President’s Commission on LGBT Concerns
A brown bag lunch set for Thursday, Feb. 15, titled, “Is Emory ‘Safe’? A Conversation About Diversity in the Academic Community” is among the upcoming programs supported by the President’s Commission on LGBT Concerns. In other business discussed at its Jan. 23 meeting, co-chair Andy Wilson provided an update on the Transgender Initiative, and member Saralynn Chestnut announced the formation of a faculty staff group, with monthly events such as “Gay Trivia.” The commission
also discussed guidelines for the LGBT Person of the Year Award, envisioned to “raise visibility and shine a positive light” on the work of members of the LGBT community.

President’s Commission on the Status of Women
Marianne Celano, psychiatry, gave a presentation on the proposed Relational Mentoring award during the Jan. 17 meeting of the President’s Commission on the Status of Women. The award will recognize strong mentoring relationships and be open to both women and men. Carolyn Bregman announced the selection of two women for the Higher Education Resource Services program, also known as HERS, and Nadine Kaslow gave an update on the 2007 Women’s Symposium. The commission also made plans for its 30th Anniversary Spring Celebration, and discussed the University’s Sexual Assault Initiative and Community Action Project.

President’s Commission on Race and Ethnicity
Simona Perales, admissions, gave a presentation on the University’s efforts to increase Latin student representation on the Emory campus during the Jan. 25 meeting of the President’s Commission on Race and Ethnicity. The commission reviewed its plans for African American Heritage Month, including a speech by Harry Belafonte and a job fair. It also discussed this semester’s planned Brown Bag lecture, which will be held Feb. 15, and the planned “Fusion” dance performance, which will bring dancers from various cultures together in one event.

February Meetings
• PCLGBT, Feb. 20, 5:15–7 p.m., Jones Room*
• PCSW, Feb. 21, 3:30–5:30 p.m., Jones Room*
• PCORE, Feb. 22, Noon, 105 Admin. Bldg.

*320 Woodruff Library

University Councils

Faculty Council
The Faculty Council discussed the faculty response to student alcohol use during its Jan. 23 meeting, and went over the executive report from the President’s Task Force on Alcohol and Other Drugs. Randy Strahan, political science, then gave a presentation from the Faculty Life Course Committee on recommendations for non-tenure track faculty, saying that the “Year of the Faculty” discussion should address issues involving this large portion of Emory’s faculty. Santa Ono, vice provost of academic initiatives, updated the council on the collaborative initiatives between the council and the Office of the Provost.

Employee Council
President Linda Sheldon opened the Jan. 17 meeting of the Employee Council by introducing guest speaker William Sexson, who gave a presentation on the Emory Grady Relationship. He discussed the hospital’s funding needs and how its success or failure could potentially impact the University. Ellsworth Quinton, University internal audit, then discussed the importance of being aware of fraud schemes. He advised the council on several common schemes for fraud, such as ghost employees and P-card misuse, and “red flags” to aid in recognizing potential fraud situations. Katherine Hinson announced a human resources’ “Managing Your Career” class as an opportunity to help current employees move within the Emory community.

University Senate
The Jan. 30 meeting of the University Senate opened with an update on the University’s sustainability plan, presented by Ciannat Howett and Peggy Barlett. They shared the plan’s goal for a 25% reduction in campus energy use by 2015, a proposed campus farmers’ market, heightened awareness of recycling initiatives and an increase in curriculum and research on sustainability. Ken Brigham and Michelle Lampl then gave a presentation on the University’s strategic initiative in predictive health, discussing the implications of predictive health on education, government and information technology, as well as the mission statement and major themes of the Emory-Georgia Tech Predictive Health Institute. John Ford updated the senate on the University’s alcohol policy and President Jim Wagner talked about the University’s Task Force on Ethical Behavior.

February Meetings
• Faculty Council, Feb. 20, 3:15–5 p.m., 400 Admin. Bldg.
• Employee Council, Feb. 21, Noon–2 p.m., Oxford Campus, Seney Conference Room
• University Senate, Feb. 27, 3:15–5 p.m., Jones Room*

*320 Woodruff Library