Emory Report
January 29, 2007
Volume 59, Number 17

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January 29 , 2007
Campus Life

by Bridget Guernsey Riordan

"It is obvious that I attend Emory to get a stellar education, but I’ve come to realize that there are so many more aspects of the university outside of the classroom that have enhanced my experience here,” said Jennifer DiNicola, Emory College junior, Inter-Sorority Council vice president of standards and a member of the Business School Honor Council. DiNicola says that Emory has helped her find that “delicate balance” between a rigorous academic program and a well-rounded co-curricular experience.

Emory senior Brian Platt also has taken advantage of a variety of opportunities available to him at Emory, and he’s impressed with the respect Emory enjoys within the Atlanta community. Platt has run varsity track and served as an Emory tour guide, a high school algebra tutor, a sophomore advisor in the residence halls and president of his fraternity.

“In addition to my fraternity, every club, team or other group that I have been a part of has allowed me to engage with the community and accomplish so much more than I could have on my own or without such a well-established relationship between Emory and the community,” Platt remarked.

The Campus Life strategic plan focuses on creating an exemplary community that experientially prepares students for ethical leadership and active citizenship. Ensuring a well-rounded student experience is paramount to the success of Campus Life, and the goal is achieved through the wide variety of living and learning experiences, as well as opportunities for social and community engagement.

“You can do it all at Emory,” is one of the encouraging phrases used by Coach Christy Thomaskutty in recruiting top scholar-athletes to play on the women’s basketball team. The multitude of opportunities at Emory give students many ways to create community, engage in society, understand differences and explore ways to complement their academic endeavors.

Creating community and successful living experiences also depends on a supportive physical environment, including new dorms. The new Turman residence hall for first year students is scheduled to open in August 2007. Construction on a second new residence hall will begin in May 2007. Barkley Forum and Emory athletics and recreation teams have been given increased funding for safe travel. And plans are under way for a new university bookstore and career center.

In addition to providing an exceptional physical environment, Campus Life will implement recommendations from the President’s Task Force on Alcohol and other Drugs, as well as recommendations from the President’s Task Force on Mental Health. The Center for Student Leadership and Engagement (formerly the Office of Student Activities) will expand its late-night programs and services. Additional resources for community service and civic engagement will be offered through Volunteer Emory, Multicultural Programs and Services and Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgendered Life.