Emory Report
June 11, 2007
Volume 59, Number 32

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June 11, 2007
Business school establishes real estate program

by Victor Rogers

Goizueta Business School is formally establishing a real estate program. The Real Estate Program at Goizueta Business School is the result of extensive student and alumni involvement in the real estate industry, and it builds on the school’s achievements in finance, marketing and strategy.

“Real estate capital markets are at the core of the Real Estate Program at Goizueta Business School,” said Dean Larry Benveniste, “but we are taking a holistic approach that rounds out courses in finance with courses in marketing and strategy. Students will be trained in the nuances of the industry, with emphasis on factors that make up the market and the intricacies of properties as an asset.”

In addition to fundamentals, real estate students will receive high-level training in development and real estate financial structures, and capital markets. Courses will allow for flexibility and local interaction, resulting in well-rounded students with a competitive advantage.

Roy T. Black, who has taught part-time at Goizueta since 1999, joined the faculty full-time to spearhead the Real Estate program. Black was a professor of real estate at Georgia State University for 16 years, and spent 15 years as a real estate attorney before joining academia.

A formal real estate program at Goizueta is a natural progression for the school, which has never lacked student participation. In recent years, student interest in real estate has grown from a single course offered once or twice a year, to a well-rounded curriculum and the establishment of a formal program. Black will teach the foundational courses, while real estate industry insiders round out thecurriculum.

“We look forward to participating in the international real estate market, including research, teaching and additional programming to support community initiatives,” Black said.