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March 26, 2007
Volume 59, Number 24

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March 26, 2007
Eagle Row South: Part two of the realignment

by david payne

The evolution of Eagle Row continues.

As work is completed to realign Eagle Row North (between Sorority Village and The Depot), the companion project on Eagle Row South (between the Peavine South parking lot and Oxford Road) will begin this summer.

In order to support a key project within Emory’s master plan — the new psychology building — Eagle Row will shift slightly and follow a new route. The new psychology building will consolidate the department, which is currently in several locations across campus, and anchor the University’s academic and administrative precinct. This precinct is identified in the master plan as flowing through the central core of campus from North Oxford Road to Clifton Road.

The road realignment is scheduled to begin in June, and will include the demolition of Gilbert and Thomson halls; the reconfiguration of Eagle Row over the former site of those residence halls; the extension of Dickey Drive and Dowman Drive into the new Eagle Row; and a new entrance gate at Oxford Road. Following the road project, construction on the new psychology building will begin.

The new south section of Eagle Row will include two traffic lanes, sidewalks, bike lanes and traffic calming improvements, similar to those currently being added to the north side of Eagle Row. To view the plans for Eagle Row North, click here.

Removal of Gilbert and Thomson halls
Gilbert and Thomson halls are two adjacent undergraduate residence halls that will be demolished in order for the new Eagle Row to connect to Oxford Road. These dorms were built in 1947 and house approximately 180 students.

In 1972, Gilbert Hall became Emory’s first co-ed dorm and the first to offer apartment-style living on campus, with private bathrooms and kitchenettes in each room.

Before these dorms are demolished in June and July, Emory will salvage and reuse distinctive features from the buildings, including clay roof tiles; soffits and soffit brackets; exterior lamps; ornamental ironwork above the exterior hall doors; and the limestone that currently surrounds the doors and windows.
Concrete, wood and steel from these dorms will be recycled.

Future psychology building
Emory’s psychology department, currently housed in several buildings across campus, will consolidate into a new five-story building on the site where Gilbert and Thomson halls currently are located. The building will be constructed under Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design certification (silver) standards, supporting the University’s commitment to sustainable new development. The consolidation will allow for other academic units to expand into the ‘backfill’ space.

The new psychology building will be situated between the relocated Eagle Row and the Atwood Chemistry Building. A new courtyard will connect the two buildings.

New entrance gate to the University
In a final phase of the realignment of Eagle Row South, Emory will construct a new entrance gate at the Oxford Road entrance to campus. The new gate will include granite columns on either side of Eagle Row, and a granite wall that identifies the University on one side of the road. The stately entrance will be highlighted with new landscaping.

New Eagle Row construction and connection to Oxford Road
Following the demolition of Gilbert and Thomson halls this summer, construction of the new south realignment of Eagle Row will begin near the Peavine South parking lot. The new road will continue directly over what are currently the Gilbert and Thomson residence halls and connect to Oxford Road.

Both Dickey Drive and Dowman Drive will be extended to connect into the relocated Eagle Row. After the new road is paved and opened, portions of the old roads will be removed. New street signage and landscaping are planned.

The existing Eagle Row, Dickey Drive and Dowman Drive will all remain open during the construction, with periodic single lane closures. The Peavine Parking Deck and the Peavine South visitors parking lot will remain open during the road work project.

Parking spaces that currently exist in front of both residence halls will be eliminated, as will parking on Dickey Drive near the new theology building. The parking lot behind the Gilbert and Thomson halls that is currently used by students will be removed and reforested with new trees.

Any trees that are removed through the Eagle Row realignment will be covered under Emory’s “no net loss of forest canopy” policy, which requires that replacement trees be planted with the same leaf canopy spread. If trees cannot immediately be replaced, the canopy spread will be accounted for and funding for new trees set aside through the University’s tree bank fund.

Timeline of work
• Eagle Row North (currently under construction that began in January) opens between Sorority Village and The Depot: early summer 2007
• Demolition of Gilbert and Thomson halls: June and July 2007
• Eagle Row realignment and connection to Oxford Road: October 2007 Demolition and construction schedules are dependent on the weather.