Emory Report
November 26, 2007
Volume 60, Number 12

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November 26, 2007
Clairmont Campus reviewed for possible clinic site

from staff reports

Over the past several years, a significant amount of effort has been put into facility planning for the Emory Clinic and for Emory Hospitals. Emory leaders say it is important before proceeding to review the planning efforts and decisions that have been developed, and evaluate potential scenarios for future facilities on Emory’s main campus sites at Clifton Road and Clairmont Road, and at the Emory Midtown Campus.

This review will be assessed based on a strategic framework designed to guide and direct the distribution and integration of education programs, research and clinical (outpatient and inpatient) care across Emory.
As part of this review, Fred Sanfilippo, executive vice president for health affairs, appointed planning teams of administrators, faculty and health sciences leadership to evaluate the site options, including Clairmont Campus. The use of Emory’s Clairmont Campus as the site for the new Emory Clinic, hospital and research facilities is a new element of the study.

“We are taking a deliberate pause in our planning timetable to make sure we get the site selection right,” said Mike Mandl, executive vice president for finance and administration. “Due to the magnitude of our investment and the reality that we are making a decision for the next century, we have to be assured that we have asked, and satisfactorily answered, the full set of questions. Within that context, it is clear that the Clairmont Campus deserves another look.”

The evaluation process is expected to take several months and culminate with discussion at the Board of Trustees level. The final decision will be based on what is best for both the health sciences and undergraduate missions and is expected in the spring timeframe.

The evaluation of Clairmont Campus will include where and how to replicate any aspect of the residential and campus life that may be replaced as a result of the health care development. “We don’t have answers to all of these questions yet, but we are studying all possible implications associated with the Clairmont Campus option through the current site review,” added Mandl.