Emory Report
November 5, 2007
Volume 60, Number 10

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November 5, 2007
Governance groups share goals and priorities for year

By kim Urquhart

The University Senate and Faculty Council emerged from recent retreats with a renewed focus on their role as major campus advisory committees.

“In addition to advising the administration, we want to be proactive,” said Nadine Kaslow, president of the University Senate and chair of the Faculty Council. “We want more open communication with our constituency groups, both for us to share more with them and also in hearing back from them regarding issues of concern.”

The goal is to make the University Senate more vital to Emory, Kaslow said.

A priority for the University Senate this year will be issues related to sustainability, such as the environment, transportation and energy use, and supporting short- and long-term initiatives in these areas.

The Senate is also partnering with other leadership groups to highlight the volunteer and community service activities that faculty, staff, students and alumni of Emory engage in, and is planning a celebration in the spring.

Like the Senate, the Faculty Council is also focusing on enhancing communication and becoming more actively engaged in the University. The Faculty Council will also add to the dialogue about defining excellence in each faculty member and for the faculty, Kaslow said. Further, they will work with the administration about plans for a gathering place for faculty.

The University Senate, Faculty Council and Employee Council have teamed up with the president’s commissions to host a campus event on Monday, Nov. 5. A brown bag lunch panel discussion will explore the impact of immigration on campus as well as the local and global community.

Kaslow said the groups hope to organize more events — such as the recent Halloween costume contest hosted with the Student Government Association and the Emory Alumni Association — to spread a culture of joy on campus. “We want to harness the energy on campus and do more of these things,” she said.

The next meeting of the University Senate is Nov. 27 at 3:15 p.m. in the Jones Room, Woodruff Library. Faculty Council will meet Nov. 20 at 3:15 in the Administration Building, Room 400.

The Employee Council has also redefined its role this year, with a renewed focus on learning more about Emory.

“We will be asking a lot of questions,” said Employee Council President Iruka Ndubuizu. “What is available to staff at Emory? How is Emory governed? Who is responsible for what? What are the major issues in higher education today? What makes Emory a great research university? What makes some of our faculty exceptional? The questions are endless.” She said the council’s exploration of both the operational and academic issues at Emory will help members become more informed participants at the decision table.

In line with this year’s theme of “Discovering Emory,” and in support of Step Up Emory, Employee Council meets at a different campus location every month. The Council’s last meeting, for example, was held in the School of Medicine, and members had the opportunity to tour the new building. “This effort allows us the opportunity to visit other parts of campus and to meet people that we may never get a chance to meet,” Ndubuizu said.

The next Employee Council meeting will be held at the 1599 Clifton building on Nov. 14 at noon. Debate expert and Director of Forensics Melissa Maxcy Wade will discuss the use of words instead of weapons, and members will learn from representatives of the Office of Sponsored Programs how money for research is identified, obtained and administered.