Emory Report
October 1, 2007
Volume 60, Number 6


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October 1, 2007
Trees to be replanted near new psychology building

By david payne

As the realignment of Eagle Row South nears completion, construction will begin later this month on Emory’s new psychology building. The building will be located between Dowman and Dickey drives, adjacent to the Atwood Chemistry Center. It is expected to be completed in the spring of 2009.

This new building will consolidate the psychology department’s teaching and research into one central facility allowing the psychology faculty to work near the departments of mathematics and computer science, environmental studies, physics and chemistry departments in a “science commons” area of campus. (Check upcoming issues of Emory Report for more about the new psychology building.)

In order to construct the new building, the existing trees adjacent to the Atwood chemistry building will be removed. Under Emory’s “No Net Loss of Tree Canopy Policy,” all trees removed must be accounted for and replaced with equal tree canopy. Any trees that cannot be either moved or replaced immediately on campus will be earmarked in Emory’s tree bank fund that is set aside solely to fund and restore Emory’s tree canopy.