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September 24, 2007
Volume 60, Number 5

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September 24, 2007
Student housing changes in progress

By David Payne

Have you noticed the new residence halls under construction around campus?

Emory is in the midst of adding new undergraduate housing and facilitating the addition of graduate housing near campus through third parties. Several new residence halls are under construction, while other, older halls were recently demolished.

The University’s housing plan includes two goals: to increase the number of undergraduates who live on campus, and to work in conjunction with outside development companies to provide graduate housing on the edge of campus. The housing near campus will be served by accessible sidewalks, bike lanes and Cliff shuttle service, so that students will not be dependent on cars.

Emory houses all freshman and sophomores on campus, and as many juniors and seniors as possible. Currently, about 63 percent of all Emory undergraduates live on campus, and the University would like to see that number increase to 80 percent in the next several years.

In order to accommodate more juniors and seniors on campus, graduate housing on Emory’s Clairmont Campus is being phased out to make room for upperclassmen beginning in the 2008-09 academic year. Some graduate students may remain on the Clairmont Campus until new graduate housing is complete in the fall of 2009.

Many graduate students prefer to find their own housing, but Emory will continue to provide some graduate housing near campus. The University has arranged for graduate student housing at the Presidential Park Apartments on Clairmont Road through 2010. In addition, a new graduate housing complex will open on Briarcliff Road in the fall of 2009.

Turner Village Graduate Apartments 
This graduate housing was built in 1959 for graduate students with families.  It includes a 13-building apartment complex that will be demolished this fall in order to provide space for the new Mixed-Use project, a residential and retail development. Following the demolition, construction on the Mixed-Use project will begin in early 2008.

Graduate Housing Complex at Sage Hill
Construction is expected to begin early in 2008 on an approximately 270-unit/400-bed housing complex for Emory’s graduate students.  This project, provided in conjunction with Campus Apartments, will be located on Briarcliff Road, near the Sage Hill Kroger shopping center.  The housing will be connected to shopping and campus through improved sidewalks and bike lanes, and it will include Cliff shuttle service.  The complex is projected to be open for the 2008-09 academic year.

Demolition of Gilbert and Thomson Residence Halls
Gilbert and Thomson residence halls were built in 1947, and demolished this past summer in order to create space for Eagle Row south and Emory’s first psychology building.  This section of Eagle Row will be completed next month when construction of the psychology building will begin.

Freshman Residence Halls II and III
The next phase of development for the Freshman Housing Complex includes these two halls currently under construction on the edge of McDonough Field.  They will house 136 and 152 beds respectively, and are scheduled for occupancy for the 2008-09 academic year.  These new halls are being built to ‘green’ standards (to achieve LEED Gold certification).

New Turman Residence Hall
The first hall in Emory’s planned Freshman Housing Complex opened in August.  The 132-bed residence hall was built with sustainability concepts in mind (built to achieve LEED Silver certification). New Turman is the home of the Citizenship First Year at Emory Program. This community gives students the opportunity to understand what it means to be citizens of Emory, Atlanta and beyond.

Demolition of Turman West Residence Hall
Turman West Residence Hall, formerly located on Haygood Road, was demolished late this past summer. Construction will begin this fall on the new Haygood parking deck on its site.