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April 21, 2008
Volume 60, Number 28


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April 21, 2008
The EAA: Read all about us in more ways

Eric Rangus is director of communications for the Emory Alumni Association.

Emory has no shortage of publications. Some of them, like Emory Report, are enterprisewide, reaching the entire campus community either over e-mail, in mailboxes or on newspaper racks. Others are more targeted — most of Emory’s schools have magazines, and many individual departments have publications ranging from PDF newsletters to full-fledged, four-color print pieces.

The Emory Alumni Association isn’t much different from our campus brethren. While our print pieces are limited, our electronic communications are versatile, varied and accessible to all.

EmoryWire, a monthly publication, is geared toward alumni and parents, while The EagleEye View, a quarterly piece, reaches out to undergraduate and graduate students. Emory’s wider campus community of faculty and staff can find engaging stories in both.

EmoryWire is a mix of EAA news and features, alumni profiles, and University stories, some of which have appeared in other publications but the majority is original content.

EmoryWire also is a portal to literally hundreds of photos from Emory events both near (Dooley’s Cup II) and far (an Emory Travel Program journey to Egypt). The May EmoryWire will feature photos from Jake’s Open House, the EAA’s and Emory Annual Fund’s annual birthday party for Dean of Alumni Jake Ward ’33C–’36G, and the June EmoryWire will provide full coverage of Emory Commencement Weekend. Last year’s EmoryWire Commencement coverage featured 18 different slide shows — if you attended any weekend events, your photo should be in there somewhere.

The EagleEye View was created last fall to reach out to current students — the “next generation of Emory alumni,” as we refer to them. The best way to cultivate an active and engaged alumni body is for the EAA to introduce itself to students before they graduate. And that’s the goal of The EagleEye View, which is sent to students through their LearnLink accounts.

The EagleEye View is a quarterly publication, and its third issue will be released at the end of April. Like EmoryWire, it is a mix of original content and reprints from other publications (including EmoryWire, which is not sent to students). For instance, the spring 2008 issue will feature “The Case for Project Casse,” a piece written by Robbie Paulsen ’10M that originally ran in the February 2008 EmoryWire that details the work of Emory medical students in a mobile clinic in rural Haiti.

New content for the spring issue will include an introduction to the Senior Experience Committee, which plans events and activities specifically for the Class of 2008. EagleEye also contains “Emory Near Me,” a calendar that lists EAA events around the country. The calendar is a way to reach out to parents, who frequently can be just as engaged with the Emory community as alumni.

All issues of EmoryWire (www.alumni.emory.edu/news/emorywire.html) and The EagleEye View (www.alumni.emory.edu/eagleeyeview/eagleeyeview.htm) are viewable on the EAA’s Web site.
However, if you’d like to subscribe to either publication, please send e-mail to Val Thompson (valrie.thompson@emory.edu) at the EAA. She will add you to the appropriate listserv and your e-mailbox will be happier and better informed for it.