Emory Report
April 28, 2008
Volume 60, Number 29

‘Try It’ on Commencement day
Faculty and staff who want to avoid driving on Commencement day, Monday, May 12, are encouraged to “Try It” and take Cliff or another alternative commute option
to work. Cliff commuters who ride the shuttle on that afternoon from Woodruff Circle will receive a
“Try It” T-shirt.

At Staff Fest, on Friday,
May 16, those staff who bring their ‘Try It’ T-shirt, or who are registered under any of Emory’s alternative transportation programs, are eligible for entry into the EmoryMoves VIP tent. Look for prizes, raffles and special treats in the VIP tent.


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April 28, 2008
‘Try It’ gets commuters moving

By David Payne

Think about the worst day of your commute to Emory. Is it every Monday? Fridays before holiday weekends? Commencement day?

Selecting the most difficult commute day and then asking Emory commuters to try an alternative means of getting to work is the basis of a new program called “Try It.”

“Many Emory employees have given up their parking passes and commute without driving solo,” said Bob Hascall, vice president of campus services and chairman of the EmoryMoves Executive Committee.

“For other employees it may not be reasonable to expect them to give up their parking passes altogether. Instead, we are asking people to look at the commuter options, and just try it one day a week or a couple days a month,” Hascall said. “The cumulative effect of less traffic, less carbon emissions, and cost savings for commuters is significant.”

The campaign is supported by EmoryMoves, a new initiative to encourage Emory’s faculty, staff and students to take a second look at their commute patterns and explore alternative transportation — Cliff shuttles, vanpools, carpools, Zipcar, bicycling or walking — to get to campus. EmoryMoves will also work to improve the awareness of these programs, to examine programs or policies that will improve commuting conditions, and reward commuters who register and use Emory’s alternative transportation programs.

EmoryMoves was launched to implement several of the recommendations made by Emory’s 2007 Excellence Through Leadership class that examined creative solutions to transportation issues at Emory.