Emory Report
February 11, 2008
Volume 60, Number 19

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February 11, 2008

Jeremy Boss, professor of microbiology and immunology at Emory School of Medicine, has been named the next editor-in-chief of the Journal of Immunology. Published by the American Association of Immunologists, it is one of the most cited publications in biomedicine.

Boss directs Emory’s graduate program in genetics and molecular biology. He has served as deputy editor of the journal since 2003. He will assume the new five-year position on July 1.

In honor of her 20 years at Emory, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Art History Gay Robins was presented with an Egyptian object donated to the Carlos Museum in her name.

To commemorate Robins’ interests in both the Middle Kingdom and in the role of women in Ancient Egypt, the museum was able to acquire, thanks to a donation from her former student and a museum volunteer, a rare stela, or stone tablet, of Satsobek from the Twelfth Dynasty.

Robins serves the museum as a faculty consultant for Ancient Egyptian Art.

Stefan Tigges, associate professor of radiology, and Emory co-authors Gogi Sirineni, John Oshinski, Arthur Stillman and Kevin Johnson, were awarded the honor of Excellence in Design by the Radiological Society of North America for their educational exhibit on the “Cardiac Cycle and 3D Motion of the Coronary Arteries: Impact on Coronary Computed Tomographic Angiography.”

RSNA is a professional membership society committed to excellence in patient care through education and research.

Elaine Walker, Samuel Candler Dobbs Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience,
has been named editor of Psychological Science in the Public Interest, the journal for the Association of Psychological Science. Her five-year term began Jan. 1.