Emory Report
January 22, 2008
Volume 60, Number 16

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January 22, 2008
Founder keeps tradition alive

By carol clark

Sally Wolff-King recently began a new chapter in her long career at Emory — in a new role in the Office of the Vice President and Deputy to the President. She will be a member of the University administrative team, and one of her key duties will be to help launch a book series about the history of Emory.

“I am a loyal alumna of Emory and am simply delighted to see its rapid and powerful recent development and am glad for the opportunity to work in this new area,” Wolff-King says.

Wolff-King earned a Ph.D. in Southern literature from Emory in 1983. She joined Emory College in 1989, when she began her work as an assistant and then associate dean, in addition to helping establish Founders Week.

In her new post, Wolff-King will be involved in the planning and administration of Convocation, Commencement and Founders Week. She will also continue to serve on the Traditions and History Committee and work closely with Vice President Gary Hauk in establishing the book series.

In the coming months, plans will be firming up for the series, in which history will be presented through the lens of the University’s strategic themes. “The volumes will tell the stories of some of the more remarkable members of the Emory faculty and the achievements of the University, since the founding of Emory College,” Wolff-King says.