Emory Report
June 23, 2008
Volume 60, Number 33



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June 23, 2008

Hospital holds Midtown history
Tours of Emory Crawford Long Hospital’s campus had a personal touch, conducted by Ren Davis ’73C, project manager for Emory Healthcare and grandson of one of the hospital’s founders.

Davis noted that “by preserving the original building in Midtown and those after it, you can see how the design philosophy (of hospitals) has changed over the years.”

The original 1911 facility, he said, was built to appeal as an apartment house should the hospital fail because investors, shying away, felt its location was “too far out.”

A mural in the employee lounge illustrates what’s been built, leased or torn down over the decades, including “Crawford Short,” the Jesse Parker Williams women’s and children’s facility once incorporated into the campus. — Leslie King

Moving forward on health care reform
Emory’s Institute for Advanced Policy Solutions and the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease convened in Washington, D.C. June 5 to spotlight the integral role chronic disease prevention must play in health reform.
“When we talk about health care reform — especially in the context of the presidential election — there’s no question that we need to talk about fighting chronic diseases. They are the most common, and the most costly, health conditions in this country,” said Kenneth Thorpe, who heads both the IAPS and the PFCD.

Moving into 2009, we need to do three things differently, he said. “We need a different message, a different strategy and a bipartisan approach to moving forward on health care reform.” — Kim Urquhart

Gender issues key to rebuilding Liberia
Emory’s Institute for Developing Nations convened June 4–5 its first Workshop on Gender-Based Violence and Rule of Law. Participating were Emory scholars and Liberian officials.

“The discussions were exciting because they highlighted how central gender issues are to rebuilding many facets of post-conflict Liberian society,” noted IDN Director Sita Ranchod-Nilsson.

According to Ranchod-Nilsson, the workshop marked IDN’s “first big collaboration with our partner, The Carter Center, and revealed some of the real challenges that must be addressed when dealing with a multi-faceted problem like violence against women.” — Casey Dunning