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June 23, 2008
Volume 60, Number 33



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June 23, 2008
Zipcar helps drive creative commuting

By kelly Gray

As the cost of gas reaches all-time highs, many commuters are beginning to wonder what they can do to beat gas price hikes.

Many of Emory’s commuters have registered with Transportation Parking Services (TPS) and regularly ride Cliff shuttles, carpool and take transit to get to and from campus. But for commuters needing to run errands off campus during the workday, car sharing is the way to go.

Car sharing is a way for registered members to rent cars for a short period of time, often by the hour. Emory introduced car sharing to its campus in August 2006 with the introduction of Flexcar. In October 2007, Zipcar purchased Flexcar.

What are the differences between Zipcar and Flexcar? “Zipcar offers a seamless, more user-friendly interface between the member and Zipcar,” says Adele Clements, director of transportation for Emory. “Members can reserve or confirm reservations online or by phone.”

In addition to the convenience that car sharing provides, the cost savings are a definite incentive for most Zipcar members. Gas, insurance and a reserved parking space on Emory’s campus are all included in the cost. For members registered with Emory’s TPS programs, Zipcar is offered at a reduced rate of $3/hour Monday through Friday. Zipcar members who do not participate in Emory’s TPS programs will be charged $9/hour in Atlanta. The rate for Departmental Zipcar for Business accounts is $8/hour, Monday through Friday.

How can a car sharing service like Zipcar help the average Emory commuter? “If you participate in one of Emory’s commute option programs, there is a car on campus to use for occasional errands or appointments,” says Clements.

Some Zipcar members already feel the benefits of car sharing. Corey Anderson, an administrative assistant for the University, takes the bus to work and uses Zipcar once or twice a week. “I use Zipcar to run errands while at work and during non-work hours,” says Anderson. “My husband and I are in the process of selling our second car and want to eliminate half of our driveway to increase our garden space.”

Currently there are seven Zipcars conveniently located on Emory’s campus. And there are more than 100 Zipcars strategically placed throughout Atlanta. Visit www.zipcar.com to learn more.