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March 17, 2008
Volume 60, Number 23



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March 17, 2008
Indie film legend visits Atlanta

Independent film legend George Kuchar will visit Emory on March 20. He will comment on his films, such as “Stormy Weather: George Kuchar in the Elements,” at 8 p.m. in 101 White Hall.

On March 18 Gene Youngblood, professor of moving image arts at the College of Santa Fe, will give a preview lecture on “The Video Diaries of George Kuchar” at 8 p.m. in 206 White Hall.For more information, call 404-727-6992.

“These films are not released on consumer videos, so the best opportunity people have to see them is through events like the one we’ve organized,” says Andy Ditzler, media coordinator for Emory’s Heilbrun music and media library.