Emory Report
March 17, 2008
Volume 60, Number 23


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March 17, 2008
Sage Hill graduate complex taking shape


Site preparations are under way for the new graduate student housing complex on Briarcliff Road near the Sage Hill Shopping Center, being built in partnership with Campus Apartments Inc. The development will be built on land that previously housed an apartment complex, a condominium complex and an empty lot. Campus Apartments Inc. will construct and manage the facility.

The complex is projected to be complete in August 2009, with current plans for 210 units to house approximately 400 graduate students. Students will be served by a new Cliff stop and sidewalk improvements will be made to improve pedestrian connections to the shopping center and to Emory’s campus.

The development will comply with all of the University’s applicable tree-loss policies and Campus Apartments Inc. has committed to achieving a “green” residential EarthCraft certification for the facility.