Emory Report
November 17, 2008
Volume 61, Number 12



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November 17
, 2008
Emory Arts Competition winners talented and triumphant

The Emory Arts Competition culminated in first place honors for College sophomores Scott Schwartz, Matt Lipkins and Adam Hoffman, who performed an original song “Not Again,” and for College junior Kelsey Agnew, for a photograph, “Of Victory,” depicting her mother who was undergoing chemotherapy.

A panel of judges provided witty commentary, but the audience ultimately determined the winners at the Nov. 8 gala that supported Volunteer Emory.

In second place was student Guan Hua Kui in the music competition and staff member Shea Jarman in the visual arts category. Students Ariel Wolpe and Krithika Srinivasan placed third in music and arts, respectively.