Emory Report
November 3, 2008
Volume 61, Number 10



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November 3
, 2008
Artist explores ‘Deadly Sins and Other Matters‘

By Mary Catherine Johnson

For his first exhibition in over a decade, 30 of visual artist Roger Dorset’s provocative works on paper are on view at Emory Visual Arts Gallery.

“Roger is an extraordinary and too-often overlooked artist whose work reflects profoundly personal, often anguished, responses to questions of good and evil, sin, guilt, sexuality, religion and the psychological traumas brought on by the human struggle to come to terms with these concepts,” says Katherine Mitchell, the curator of the exhibition.

“Roger Dorset: Deadly Sins and Other Matters” will be on display through Nov. 29 at the Visual Arts Gallery.

Visit www.visualarts.emory.edu to learn more.