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September 15, 2008
Volume 61, Number 4



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15, 2008
FAQ: Transitioning to a new mail services provider

Over the next few months Emory will begin make the transition to a new mail services provider, IKON.

Why is Emory undertaking a consolidation of its mail services?
Three mail vendors currently serve Emory University Hospital, The Emory Clinic and the academic and administrative units of the University. Emory is consolidating services with one provider in order to improve service levels and customer service; streamline the management and oversight of the service provider; promote improved accountability with one provider instead of several; and in the long run lower the costs for these services.

What does this consolidation mean for me?
In the short term, with any major change such as this there will be a period of transition with some bumps for everyone on campus. Most people will not notice any major changes right away during the transition, but your patience is requested. Longer term, Emory hopes to have an improved overall mail system. IKON, the new mail services provider, is the current mail services provider for Emory’s hospitals, so the hospitals will not have any vendor change.

When will the transition of mail service providers begin and how long will the transition take?
Some aspects of this transition are already under way, and will continue over the next several months. A transition team with Emory staff, IKON employees and Pitney Bowes staff are working daily on this transition. The tentative phase-in schedule allows for transitions to the new contract by Oct. 1 for Emory Hospitals; Nov. 1 for Emory University; and Jan. 1 for The Emory Clinic.

Why was IKON selected as Emory’s mail services provider?
After a national search and thorough the RFP process, IKON was chosen due to its national reputation for client satisfaction, technology focus, leadership and proven track record of service on other campuses and on Emory’s campus within Emory Healthcare.

Who provided input during the selection process?
This business review started over a year ago, and included formal vendor presentations and vendor interviews in spring 2008, with business representatives from The Emory Clinic, Emory’s hospitals, Emory University and Emory Healthcare administration, Campus Life and student leadership to directly collect their input and suggestions regarding the search and selection. In 2007, an advisory group was formed that included representatives from across campus, who were charged with reviewing Emory’s mail functions from both service and cost perspectives. In addition, a campus-wide survey was e-mailed in November 2007 in order for every member of the faculty and staff and every student to provide feedback on mail services.

If I have problems with my mail, what should I do?
For mail service related issues, contact the mail services hotline at 404-712-8759. A new director of Emory support services will be hired shortly to work on mail services related issues.