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September 22, 2008
Volume 61, Number 5



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September 22, 2008
Take Note

Two schools have new names
The Board of Trustees approved new names for two schools: Emory College of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School. The move, at the recommendation of the deans, makes official what has been practiced for some time, says Provost Earl Lewis.

Emory College’s new name clarifies its role within the wider University, and differentiates it more clearly from other schools and units, says Dean Bobby Paul. “It also is more descriptive of what we study and teach in the College than was our previous name. ‘Arts and Sciences’ is a term with a long and distinguished history in academia, representing the pursuit of the high ideals of scholarship, and we are proud to claim it as our purview,” Paul adds.

The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences sought to remove “arts and sciences” from its name because it did not capture the full diversity of its program offerings. “With the name ‘Graduate School,’ we signal a more inclusive identity, one authentically representative of the work our faculty do on behalf of graduate education,” says Dean Lisa Tedesco.

University receives Conservancy award
The Georgia Conservancy named Emory “2008 Distinguished Conservationist of the Year” for its dedication and commitment to preserve and protect Georgia’s environment. The annual award, to be given at the 15th annual Eco-Benefete on Oct. 18, is the highest honor bestowed by the Conservancy.

“Emory’s sustainability vision is a core commitment of the University with deep roots in our culture and history,” said President Jim Wagner. “We believe that working for positive transformation in the world begins right here at home. Therefore, we try to pay heightened attention to the ways in which we grow and consume food, heat and cool our buildings, move around campus and respect the natural environment.”

Apply for grants for medical research
Nov. 1 is the next deadline to apply for medical research grants from the Emory Medical Care Foundation.
Three times a year, EMCF offers grants of up to $25,000 to faculty in the School of Medicine. Faculty members must spend at least 50 percent of their time in the Grady Health System. Preference is given to those faculty members in their first 10 years at Grady.

For information on application procedures, contact William Payne at 404-727-4569 or wpayn01@learnlink.emory, or visit www.med.emory.edu/research/information/funding_internal_emcf.cfm.