Emory Report
September 29, 2008
Volume 61, Number 6



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29, 2008
Emory dance program to dazzle

Emory Dance Program faculty member and choreographer George Staib teams up with Houston’s bold, dynamic choreographer Jennifer Wood to present new work in “Together Again for the First Time” (Oct. 3–4, 8 p.m., Performing Arts Studio, $12 suggested donation at door).

Wood’s company, Suchu Dance, has long been recognized for their adventurous spirit, engaging technicality and satirical focus. Works presented will not only please the intellect, but tickle the senses with Wood’s imaginative themes and Staib’s growing interest in electronic music as a foundation for new work. Featured are Atlanta dance professionals and the Georgia debut of Suchu Dance. For tickets and more information: 404-727-5050 or www.arts.emory.edu.