Emory Report
September 8, 2008
Volume 61, Number 3

Center for Creativity & Arts grant recipients

• Kelsey Agnew, student,
“In-Between Places”

• Madison Dotson, staff,
“The Photographic Parable-
Exploring Myth and Memory
through Visual Narrative”

• Lawrence Jackson, faculty,
“A Song in the Front Yard:
African American Writers and
Critics in the 40s and 50s”

• Julia Kjelgaard, faculty,
“Movement, Sound and
Image: An Experimental

• Iain Martin, student,
“Life by Lobster”

• Vincent Murphy, faculty,
“Electra Interdisciplinary”

• Sally Radell & Bill Brown,
faculty, “Double Exposure
Dance for Film”

• Linda Armstrong, faculty,
“Martha Rosler: Bringing the
War Home”

• Matthew Bernstein, faculty,
“Red Heroine” Screening with live accompaniment by Devil Music Ensemble

• Max Glaser, student,
“Vessel for Memory: A Negro
League Card”

• Katherine Mitchell, faculty,
“Deadly Sins and Other Matters: The Work of Roger Dorset”

• George Staib, faculty,
“Contemporary Dance —
Vintage Music: George
Staib and the Vega Quartet
in Concert”

• R. Candy Tate, staff,
“Visualizing Cultural Politics:
Atlanta’s Neighborhood Art



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8, 2008
Grants let artists take risks, cross boundaries, explore

By Jessica Moore

The Emory College Center for Creativity & Arts is dedicated to celebrating, nurturing and inspiring the act of making and studying art and the intellectual creativity everywhere evident in a vibrant university community.
The CCA stimulates artistic production and discourse through various funding programs, including “Evolution Revolution” project grants and artist commissions; spring, fall and summer project grants for Emory College staff, students and faculty; and “Out There Arts” group field trip grants to metro-Atlanta arts events. “Evolution Revolution” project grants are facilitated and awarded by the CCA with funding from Emory’s Creativity & Arts Initiative.

CCA project grants support arts-related projects and cultural activities that fall outside of the regular academic responsibility of Emory College individuals and departments. Grants averaging $2,000 to $2,500 are awarded for projects that have the potential to engage a wide audience.

This summer brought with it the first wave of projects made possible by CCA grants. Emory College junior Iain Martin, a film studies major, received a grant for production, editing and post-production for his documentary, “Life by Lobster.”

Martin describes the film as “a unique and personal look inside the lives of several young individuals who have chosen commercial lobster fishing as their vocation and lifestyle, at a time when traditional natural resource-based careers…are nationally in a state of decline.” Martin aims to screen the film locally and nationally beginning with a screening at Emory’s Visual Arts Gallery.

Creativity & Arts associate intern Madison Dotson ’07C presented “Something the Same,” a photography exhibition in Emory’s Visual Arts Gallery which featured large scale portraits of people from the Appalachian foothills of northwest Georgia and Oahu, Hawaii. “The CCA provided the support and resources I needed to take a risk with the work that I was doing and to share those discoveries with the community,” says Dotson.

Visual Arts Program Director Linda Armstrong received a grant to support the presentation of artist Martha Rosler’s exhibition “Bringing the War Home,” which opens in the Visual Arts Gallery on Sept. 11. Armstrong has chosen to juxtapose pieces from two bodies of Rosler’s work from 1967-1972 and 2004. Rosler’s photomontages pose thought-provoking questions about images of war in the media.

The CCA grant program encourages interdisciplinary collaboration, which is reflected in “Double Exposure: Dance for Film,” a partnership between professor Sally A. Radell, founder of Emory’s Dance Program, and Emory Visual Arts faculty William Brown. The collaborators will develop a short broadcast-quality video from a dance choreographed by Radell in 2003, and screen the resulting film at festivals, dance professional meetings and college events.

The CCA encourages artists to use grant opportunities to experiment and to cultivate new forms of artistic work. Recipients may use a single art form or a mixture of art forms.

The grant application deadline for spring 2009 projects is Friday, Sept. 26, at 4 p.m. Download the application at www.creativity.emory.edu.