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April 20, 2009
Volume 61, Number 28


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April 20
, 2009
Special hello-goodbye events at Commencement

Eric Rangus is the director of communications for the Emory Alumni Association.

As Dooley’s motto goes, “Students may come … students may go …,” and the Class of 2009 is about to go. To celebrate the students’ accomplishments, Emory Commencement Weekend May 7–11 is on the way.

It culminates at 8 a.m. on Monday, May 11, with the 164th Commencement ceremony on the Quadrangle. For many of us Emory staff members, in one way or another, Commencement and our students’ journey to it is the reason why we’re here.

So there is a lot to celebrate and a lot of events packed into that five-day schedule. At the Emory Alumni Association, we’re proud of our 50-year reunions, Corpus Cordis Aureum induction, the Block Party, the Soirée dance party and our other events, but they are just pieces in the very large Commencement puzzle.

Several others are listed below. Make your Commencement Weekend plans now and see the full event and location schedule at www.alumni.emory.edu/news/emoryweekend. If you’d like to get involved as a faculty or staff volunteer, contact Myra Willis at mwwilli@emory.edu.

Commencement Weekend mini-schedule
Thursday, May 7
Oxford College Reception
The next two years starts here.

Candlelight Crossover Pre-Reception
Each member of the Class of 2009 cradling a candle across the Houston Mill Bridge makes pretty bright light. Make sure you have a great view.

Crossover Reception
Crazy stuff happens when the (candle)lights go out. Get there early; the chocolate is the first to go.

Friday, May 8
Sorority 50th Anniversary Tea
Celebrate 50 years of sorority life on campus and shake your head at how Emory survived more than a century without them.

Saturday, May 9
Oxford Commencement
The campus was at Oxford first, so it’s only polite to give them a head start. President Emeritus James Laney ’94H is the speaker.

Residence Hall Reunions
Everyone loves their first college residence. You may not believe it now, but trust me, it’s true. Don’t miss this opportunity to say goodbye.

Block Party
Last year, for the first time, the Block Party was on an actual block (Asbury Circle). It was one of the best moves since James Brown. Live music, food from The Varsity … there’s nothing like being in the center of campus for a party.

Modupe Dayo
Annual celebration honoring Emory’s African American graduates. Includes music, dance and lots of fun.

Candler Singers Concert
Have you ever heard a musical performance in Cannon Chapel?

Sunday, May 10
President’s Open House
Lullwater will be open for all Emory Commencement Weekend guests. Decorating tips are free if you ask nicely.

Cherry Emerson Memorial Alumni Concert
Our annual classical concert featuring Emerson Professor of Piano Will Ransom and alumni and student musicians. A high-class highlight.

Monday, May 11
The 164th Commencement

Exercise at 8 a.m.— a great way to start the day. With bagpipes. And Commencement speaker Vicente Fox, former president of Mexico. After the main ceremony, school ceremonies take place across campus.