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August 31, 2009
Volume 62, Number 2


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August 31, 2009
Dance events spring from poetry, memory

By Jessica Moore

Dance enthusiasts and those new to the art are sure to find something to spark their interest in the range of performances featured in the Emory Dance Program’s 2009–2010 season. Highlights are the Atlanta debuts of two New York-based companies, a concert based on family and poetry, and new works by Emory dance faculty created around the theme of memory.

“…me so much nearer home” (Sept. 25–27) presents a sequence of elegant dances that honor the nature of family and community, inspired by the real-life family of choreographer and Emory Dance Program Chair Anna Leo. Each dance is introduced by the reading of a poem and features music composed by Emory’s Steve Everett, Kendall Simpson and Klimchak.

“Where Dance and Science Meet: A Creativity Conversation” (Oct. 15) brings together Emory Chemistry Chair David Lynn and New York–based choreographer David Neumann with Vice President and Secretary of the University Rosemary Magee in a conversation that reveals the nature of their collaboration and ideas about the intersection of art and science.

Neumann, artistic director of advanced beginner group, presents “Big Eater” (Oct. 16–17), a multi-disciplinary dance work, commissioned by the Emory College Center for Creativity and Arts and Emory’s Creativity: Arts & Innovation, and inspired by the choreographer’s participation in Emory’s 2008 Evolution Symposium and Evolving Arts Festival. Awarded the New York “Bessie” for performance and choreography, Neumann creates work that engages audiences with intelligence, grace and wit.

Centered around the theme of memory and performed by students, the Emory Dance Company Fall Concert (Nov. 19–21) showcases the collaborative efforts of Emory faculty members Gregory Catellier, Anna Leo, Sally Radell, George Staib and Lori Teague.

The Atlanta premiere of the internationally acclaimed Cedar Lake Contemporary Ballet (Feb. 24–26) presents an intimate look at Ohad Naharin’s “Decadance 2007.” The behind- the-scenes, stripped-down look at “Decadance” includes discussion of the dancers’ experience with the world-renowned choreographer.

Several Dancers Core co- sponsors two Fieldwork Showcases (Dec. 6; May 2) featuring new works created by community artists in various disciplines. The Women’s History Month Dance Presentation (March 18) is a showing of dance works celebrating women’s history. The Emory Dance Company Spring Concert (April 22–24) is an evening of new works choreographed and performed by Emory dance students.

For more information and tickets call 404-727-5050 or visit www.arts.emory.edu.