Emory Report
February 16, 2009
Volume 61, Number 20

Contest winners
Edward Chen
Yan Chen
William Eye
Timothy Fetzer
Xavier Fowler
Josh Goldman
Peter Hlawitschka
Brent Jones
Kaitlin Key
Mu Gung Kim
Matthew McMurray
Brent Morel
Selin Nugent
David Smith



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February 16
, 2009
Bike Emory gives freshmen free ride

By Jamie Smith

The Great Bike Contest winners will soon be rolling around campus in style on their brand new Absolute 4.0 Fuji Bicycles. Fourteen winners were selected by a panel of cycling experts and commuters from essay entries received from Emory freshmen.

To enter, participants wrote essays describing why they needed a bike. Excerpts of the winning essays will be featured on bike.emory.edu.

All winners received a new Fuji Absolute 4.0 bike plus a Louis Garneau helmet, a LED headlight, a taillight and a Bulldog-brand u-lock.

Including this contest, Bike Emory has awarded 27 bikes to Emory students, faculty and staff through the generous contributions of its partners.

Funding for this contest was made possible through a gift from an anonymous donor to the University.