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July 20, 2009
Volume 61, Number 35


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July 20, 2009
Bike Emory peddles deals for gear and accessories

By Kelly Gray

Admit it, you’ve bought a new bicycle, or recently dusted off that old one that was sitting idle in your garage. You’ve even worked up enough courage to ride short distances near your neighborhood, but something is still missing.

Whether bicycling for commuting or leisure, cycling becomes safer and more fun when participants have the right gear and accessories. Now Emory faculty, staff and students are able to purchase bicycle accessories through Bike Emory at a discount.

“Bike Emory’s Web site now offers discounts on accessories from 10 percent to 20 percent off of regular in-store prices,” says Jamie Smith, manager for business process analysis and Bike Emory director. “We are working with our local bicycle retailer, Bicycle South, to provide these prices exclusively to Emory faculty, staff and students.”

Customers can also opt to pick up all merchandise ordered through the Bike Emory Web site, on campus at the Mobile Repair Centers at the Dobbs University Center or the Student Activity & Academic Center, free of any delivery charges.

Just about everything needed to ride is available online, including helmets, safety accessories, baskets, locks and lights. “Now customers can buy items individually, where before things were sold in packages,” adds Smith. “If you have a bike already and only need a light or a helmet, you can buy these items separately and at a price reduction.”

The new online store comes as a direct response from users requesting the ability to purchase accessories on the Bike Emory Web site. Visit bike.emory.edu/accessories for details.