Emory Report
July 20, 2009
Volume 61, Number 35


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July 20, 2009
Campus recycling expands to plastics 1–6

BY David Payne

Emory has expanded its plastics recycling program to accept items with Plastic Identification Codes 1–6. The Plastic Identification Code is a number usually found on the bottom of plastic containers in a triangular, three-chasing arrow recycling symbol. The code identifies the type of resin used in each plastic item. Plastics with varying resin content are recycled into different products. Emory previously accepted codes 1 and 2.

What are some new plastic items that Emory will recycle? Juice bottles, squeezable bottles, yogurt containers, disposable cutlery, cups and plates are among a few that will be accepted. Because the expanded program is costly to operate, please do not bring your plastic recyclables from home — instead enroll in your community’s recycling program or drop them off at public facilities that take recycling such as the DeKalb Farmers’ Market and many fire stations.

All recyclable plastics can be returned to the plastic recycling bins in academic buildings, offices and residence halls around Emory’s campus. For more information on recycling at Emory, contact Claire Wall at 404-712-8921 or claire.wall@emory.edu.