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June 26, 2009

Star films
“Committed,” another film written and directed by Austin Reynolds and Jeremy White, was featured in the Campus Movie Fest international grand finale this month at Paramount Studios in Hollywood. Recent Emory graduate Vishal Patel won best actor for his role as the disgruntled husband in the film. “Committed” was also nominated for best drama and best director.

Chris Knific and partner Stephen Beehler won best soundtrack for the musical, “Happily Never After,” in the Campus Movie Fest international grand finale.

Photos: David McClurkin

On location at 1762 Clifton.

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June 26, 2009
Campus Film Fest finalists next film made at Emory

By Tania Dowdy

Recent Emory College graduates Austin Reynolds and Jeremy White swapped late hours of writing theses for extended nights and long months producing a short film, “The Misadventure.”

The veterans of Emory’s Campus Film Fest did not venture too far from campus to create their work-in-progress.

“The Misadventure” (working title: “Disconnected”) is a cross between a twisted romance and a dark comedy. The film focuses on a gardener who becomes strangely smitten with a young woman in the office where he takes care of plants. To gain access to her, he poses as the temporary file clerk the company is expecting. His obsessive admiration for her turns deadly when he discovers that his crush is pregnant by the office manager.
“The concept for the film grew out of a mixture of things we have been working on,” says White, the film’s director. “We wanted to put a character in a ridiculous situation.” 

The writing began last September and after four drafts, they proceeded with production.  To make the script come alive, the duo asked for support from the Emory community, who answered in a big way.

Reynolds and White spent the previous year fundraising. They reached out to alumni, academic and student groups including the Emory College Center for Creativity & Arts, the Office of the Provost and the student-run Media Council, and even received support from President Jim Wagner.

They give a great deal of praise to Goizueta Business School student Chris Knific, the film’s director of photography, co-producer, and “third brain child” of the project.

“The film would not have happened without him,” producer Reynolds says.

Reynolds and White enlisted the acting skills of several Emory students and alumni as well as professional actors to play the characters in the film. Senior Vice Provost for Undergraduate Academic Affairs Santa Ono makes a guest appearance as an extra in the film.

“Ninety percent of the cast and crew are Emory affiliated.  It was nice to mix professionals with Emory students,” Reynolds says.

The crew used three locations to shoot the film, including the offices and cubicles in 1762 Clifton, which houses Emory’s Office of Communications and Marketing. In addition, they were able to close Maggie’s Neighborhood Bar & Grill, a hangout for Emory students, for several hours while they shot a portion of the film there.

“The Misadventure” is now in the editing and post-production process.

“We want to send the movie to as many festivals as we can afford from the Atlanta Film Festival to Sundance to get the film out and associated with Emory,” says White.

In conjunction with other student groups, the duo plans to host a screening and premiere the film at Emory in the fall.

What’s next for the film’s creators? White plans to attend a directing program at UCLA, and Reynolds will serve as a resident hall director at Emory.