Emory Report
June 8, 2009
Volume 61, Number 32


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June 8, 2009
Institute for Drug Discovery announced at BIO

By Carol Clark

Emory has established a new Emory Institute for Drug Discovery (EIDD), with a dual mission of carrying out early-stage discovery and pre-clinical drug research aimed at developing small-molecule therapeutics, and training new generations of researchers in a multidisciplinary drug discovery environment.

Building on Emory’s strong history of drug discovery research, the EIDD will focus on commercially neglected diseases, global health partnerships, mentored research, and multidisciplinary interactions within and outside the University.

“We believe the EIDD is strategically positioned to make Emory one of the premier research and training institutions in the country for drug discovery, development and training,” says Director Dennis Liotta. “Our EIDD model will preserve the academic independence of university-based laboratory research, while at the same time allowing us opportunities to closely partner with the pharmaceutical industry.”

Gov. Sonny Perdue announced this and other news, including a new research collaboration between Emory Vaccine Center and the Australian Centre for Vaccine Development, at the BIO International Convention May 18-21 in Atlanta. For a wrap-up of Emory at BIO 2009, visit whsc.emory.edu/home/research/bio-2009.html.

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