Emory Report
March 16, 2009
Volume 61, Number 23



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March 16, 2009

Ron Gould
received the 2008 Award for Distinguished College or University Teaching from the Mathematical Association of America.

The Goodrich C. White Professor in Mathematics is the first from Emory to receive the honor, which includes an invitation to give a major lecture at the association’s Southeastern Section meeting this month at Belmont College in Nashville. Gould spoke on “Never Give a Non-Mathematician an Even Break,” which comes out of his freshman seminar on “Math in Games, Sports and Gambling.”

Jeffrey Koplan, Emory vice president for global health and director of the Emory Global Health Institute, has been awarded the 2009 GFPHE/GA SOPHE Health Education Practice Award.

Koplan and Michael Eriksen, director of the Georgia State University Institute of Public Health, share the award for their work with the Policy Leadership for Active Youth (PLAY), a three-year initiative aimed at increasing physical activity, decreasing sedentary behavior, and preventing childhood overweight.

The following Emory staff won CASE (Council of Advance and Support of Education) District III Awards:

Emory Magazine: Editor Paige Parvin, Associate Editor Mary Loftus, Art Director Erica Endicott, and Production Manager Stuart Turner won a Special Merit Award for Alumni Magazines. Loftus won the Grand Award for Excellence in Feature Writing for “Body of Knowledge,” and a Special Merit award for “Beyond the Wall.”

Emory Creative Group members LaDonna Cherry, Susan Carini and Endicott received a Special Merit Award for work on the Evolution Revolution symposium.

Other Emory Creative Group members Stanis Kodman, Kay Hinton, Carini and Turner — along with MARBL staff Steve Enniss and Kevin Young — won an Award of Excellence for “Democratic Vistas: Exploring the Raymond Danowski Poetry Library.”

The Undergraduate Admission Recruitment Package was honored for marketing in admission. Contributors included the admission staffs of Emory and Oxford colleges and Emory Creative Group and Marketing’s Paula Londe, Stacey Jones, Kodman, Cherry, Turner and Hinton.