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March 23, 2009
Volume 61, Number 24



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March 23
, 2009
How will you pledge to ‘green’ your routine?

By Kelly Gray

Have you been wondering what you can do at home or at Emory to become more sustainable? Pledge to make a difference by committing to at least three changes in your daily habits or routine through Emory’s online personal sustainability pledge.

From conserving water to promoting alternative transportation to encouraging the production and consumption of locally or sustainably grown foods on campus, Emory has committed to achieving greater sustainability.

Emory’s sustainability vision will only be achieved if the entire community is engaged, so employees, students and faculty are being asked to do their part to help by completing the online sustainability pledge and then sending an e-mail encouraging three friends to complete the pledge.

The pledge can be found on the Office of Sustainability Initiatives Web site (www.sustainability.emory.edu/pledge) and the Emory community is invited to commit their efforts to address energy, sustainable food, water conservation, protecting green space, recycling and other sustainable issues.

Users are asked to select and commit to three new sustainable activities from a list of options. If you are currently participating in sustainable endeavors on campus, OSI wants to know about those as well.

“The University has identified sustainability as one of its top priorities, and appreciates the thoughtful commitment we currently receive from the Emory community,” says Ciannat Howett, director of sustainability initiatives. “The online pledge is another way for employees, students and faculty to visibly demonstrate their support of sustainability and promote one of the University’s essential objectives that affects everyone on campus and in the community.”

Think the sustainability pledge is similar to a New Year’s resolution and is only thought about once a year? Think again. Once a commitment is made, you can renew the pledge each semester by updating your promise as needed. You can also spread the word about the pledge by identifying friends, colleagues or acquaintances that would “follow the leader” and commit to three actions to help Emory become a more sustainable campus.

“It’s going to take the active participation of the entire Emory community to pitch in, turn off, conserve and re-evaluate daily habits for Emory to realize its vision,” says Howett.

With the help of its faculty, staff and students, Emory can help restore the global ecosystem, foster healthy living and reduce the University’s impact on the local environment. Pledge to do your part.