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March 23, 2009
Volume 61, Number 24



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March 23, 2009
Take Note

Entrance to Matheson closed
A cost-cutting measure has closed the entrances to the Matheson Reading Room and the rest of the Robert W. Woodruff Library building from the Candler Library lobby.

“Matheson Reading Room hours of operation are unaffected,” said Charles Forrest, Emory Libraries’ director of facilities management and planning. “The reading room remains open and accessible via the bridge entrance.”

The closure is until further notice and may extend into the next fiscal year.

Emergency exits remain accessible at each end of the Matheson Reading Room, in addition to the bridge entrance/exit option, Forrest said. The outside door to the Candler Library that faces the Quad remains open, where the building’s stairs and elevator are also still accessible.

Innovation and tech celebrated
Jerry Thursby, Georgia Tech professor of innovation, entrepreneurship and commercialization, will be the keynote speaker for the Third Annual Celebration of Technology and Innovation. The event will be Tuesday, March 31, 4:30 to 7:30 p.m. at the Emory Conference Center.

Mark Goodman, professor of radiology, will receive Innovation of the Year for his development of unique PET imaging agents to detect various cancers.

Start-up of the Year goes to Pennsylvania-based Neuronetics Inc. and Charles Epstein.

Other awards are Deal of the Year to Idenix Pharmaceuticals and pediatrics professor Raymond Schinazi; and Significant Event to Pharmasset Inc., Schinazi and chemistry professor Dennis Liotta.

To RSVP, call 404-727-1785 or e-mail ott-web@emory.edu.

New green bins recycle more, all
Emory Recycles is switching to a single stream recycling program. Outdoor pitch-in containers on campus are being converted from holding one commodity and now will collect white and mixed papers, magazines, newspapers, plastics and aluminum.

The exterior containers will be placed primarily in central campus locations and near buildings along Asbury Circle. They will be painted green and marked with the recycling tri-arrow to increase their visibility.

These containers will complement a new style of green outdoor single-stream containers that are gradually making their way onto campus and can be seen in Campus Services and at the new Few and Evans Residence Halls.