Emory Report
March 30, 2009
Volume 61, Number 25



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March 30, 2009

Jon Howell was named Women’s Swimming Coach of the Year in the NCAA Division III. This is his third time winning the honor.

Howell, who has been at Emory for 11 years, is also the men’s swimming coach. He chairs a judicial council on student conduct in the Office of Campus Life.

J Klimchak, dance musician and composer under the dance program, is one of four winners of this year’s Loridans Art Awards, given for “exceptional contributions to the arts life of Atlanta.”

The award is given to “accomplished artists” who have made the contributions over a long period of time. The awardees receive the Loridans Arts Award Medal and $15,000 to spend at their discretion.

Elizabeth Pastan, associate professor of art history, and Stephen White, Asa G. Candler Professor of Medieval History, have been awarded a Collaborative Research Fellowship from the American Council for Learned Societies for the academic year 2009–10.

They will collaborate on a study for “The Bayeux Tapestry and St. Augustine’s: Patronage, politics and pictorial narrative in late eleventh-century England.”

This is the inaugural year of these collaborative fellowships, funded by the Andrew W. Mellon Foundation. Only six projects, out of 181 eligible candidates, were awarded funding.