Emory Report
May 4, 2009
Volume 61, Number 30


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May 4
, 2009
Sidewalks to connect Clifton, Old Briarcliff

By David Payne

In anticipation of the opening of Campus Crossings, the new graduate housing complex on Briarcliff Road, Emory is adding sidewalks along Clifton Road, Old Briarcliff Way and Old Briarcliff Road. A path will also be installed along Candler Field connecting Peavine Creek Drive to Old Briarcliff Road, and another component of sidewalk will connect the housing complex directly with the Sage Hill Shopping Center.

The new sidewalks will be completed by June 1, and are designed to facilitate pedestrian access between the nearly-complete student housing complex, the shopping center and Emory’s campus. All trees removed in conjunction with this project will be accounted for under Emory’s No Net Loss of Tree Canopy policy.